Happy Thanksgiving

Happy-ThanksgivingFrom Janice M. Durrant to YOU

My condolences goes out to all the families who are missing a loved one on this holiday.

My blessings goes out to those who do not have any where to spend a relaxing evening.

My prayers are with every single one of you, regardless of the circumstances.

Thank You

I am beyond thankful to have such a successful outlet, where I can connect with all of you. You all have been supportive and even when I am jammed up with school and my daughter, you still remain active in exemplifying the, “Stand Up, Be Confident, And Move,” motto.

Be Thankful

Stand Up

Be Confident

And Move

Mommy J 2 Africa NEW Slideshow

Go check out the  Mommy J 2 Africa tab right now (located in the top bar). There is a NEW slideshow that I prepared for you all! The slide show has a ton of photos that were taken during my stay in South Africa. Preparing the slideshow for you all most definitely brought back a few emotions, sad and happy ones. Traveling to South Africa has framed my mindset to think Global, not local. Do what you can to study abroad. Make it your business to visit any country located in the continent of Africa too. Please, please, and more please, do not allow negative depictions from the media to portray how a country runs. You will hold yourself back from spreading your wings across the world if you rely on media to determine how life is. Think about it, but in the meantime let me know what you think of my slideshow.


Stand Up

Be Confident

And Move

Stand Up, Be Confident, And Move

I had the beautiful blessing of traveling South Africa, along with 10 other Temple University students. One of them in particular, Cambriae Bates, has been by my side, while I encouraged teen mothers to get back into school. Bates is the author of http://cambriaebates.wordpress.com/author/cambriaebates/ blog and she decided to publish a short article on witnessing the impact and connection that I made on young South African mothers.

photo (12) copy 2

Durrant & Bates exploring Melville Koppies

Our motto when traveling to Johannesburg, South Africa was to not only learn about South Africa, but to learn ‘from’ South Africa. After our departure, all of us students from Temple University felt that we had accomplished our goal. However Janice Durrant, a senior at Temple University’s School of Media and Communications, accomplished so much more. She discovered that she had a knack for motivational speaking and uplifting young people.

Janice became a teen mom at the age of 15 and her goal while in South Africa was to write a piece on teenage pregnancy. As she interviewed young mothers and researched information she discovered that the ethics of journalism were being pushed aside because she had a stronger calling. As she continued to talk to young girls she became an inspiration. I watched her as she spread her motto to “Stand-up, Be Confident and Move!”


JMD conversing with South African teen moms

One day while she was interviewing a set of twins, who both had children at the age of 14, I began to cry along with everyone else in the room. Janice reached out for the hands of the twin young mothers and told them that she understood their struggle. She emphasized the importance of them going back to school and that when their children started walking, the twins also had to get up and start walking. The twin sisters embedded her motto in their brains and when asked to repeat it they did so verbatim.

Not only did Janice inspire girls on a one-on-one level — like those twins in the Troyeville section of Johannesburg, she also was invited to speak to a group of teenagers in two different locations in Mabopane -a rural township over 80-miles north of Johannesburg. One of these locations was Mabopane High School. When asked how she felt about the experience she said, “It’s an indescribable feeling. I feel so honored to have had an affect on these girls that look like me, who are going through some of the same things I went through. I’m so grateful to be able to help them realize that this is not the end.”

Cambriae Winifred Bates

Temple University

School of Media and Communication

Stand Up
Be Confident 
And Move

Stay Strong

staystrong… So many obstacles/people will be put in your way to break you down. Remain graceful, remain wise, and remain strong. Do not yell, do not fight, and do not cry. You have worked so hard to get to this very point in your life, never allow one flat tire to ruin the rest of your road trip. Fix your tire and keep it moving! If you do not know how to fix a tire, maybe it is time for you to reach out and ask for help. All in all, just do not quit. Be strong.

Stand Up
Be Confident 
And Move

Bible Verse of the Day

A Prayer For Loving Families

Father, You teach us that we are to love one another unreservedly. The love You give us for others goes beyond our own natural inclinations. It is a love that motivates us to give without expecting anything in return. More often than not we fall short of extending this kind of love to our spouse and other loved ones. Only with Your continued help can we set aside our own expectations and learn to love the way You intend by always protecting, always trusting, always hoping, and always persevering with those You’ve brought into our lives. Amen.


This lovely prayer was shared with me from my mother. I pray everyone has a healthy, safe, and purposeful holiday weekend. As I am on the search of a new church home I cannot wait until Sunday. Wish me luck on my journey. Also, do not allow anyone to persuade you why their religion, church, or pastor is the one for you; allow God to welcome you for where you belong in life. TRUST you will feel it, I am allowing Liani (my daughter) and her opinions to help us out. Children recognize where they are welcomed at faster than adults do sometimes. Children are so honest and unbiased, I just love it. Blessings to all of you beautiful folks.


Stand Up
Be Confident 
And Move

Mommy J 2 Africa

It is my passion to inspire young mothers to keep faith, after giving birth. I do not advocate young ladies to conceive, but I believe that someone has to help the mothers who already crossed the line into adulthood from giving birth. Check out the Mommy J 2 Africa component of my blog (above) to view articles that I produced, while studying abroad in South Africa. A month surely was not enough time, but for the time that I was there I believe it is safe to say that I immersed myself into the culture. As long as this was accomplished, there will always be opportunity to go back and keep building on what has just begun.


Stand Up Be Confident And Move

Let’s Celebrate South African Women


“I love you beautiful Queen, yes you! It is just because you are reading this!” It is Women’s Month here in South Africa. Although I celebrate women every day, I especially want to tell YOU to continue being strong, fierce, and lovely. If it is anything I am thankful for in life, it is being a lady because I can give life to a king or queen at any given moment. We create the everlasting love in this world. Never forget to hold your head high because someone is always watching us to embody success, strength, sassiness, sophistication, and sweetness.

Stand Up, Be Confident, And Move.

Learning from mishaps


And because of where I made it at, I can make it anywhere! I am truly a diamond in the rough and I cannot reiterate how I WILL NEVER FORGET where I come from; for where you live does not measure how successful you will be. You cannot tell me anything about my hood. I come from a hood where dirty faces have hearts of LIONS. Sometimes individuals will try to degrade you or challenge your capabilities because of your past, but first thing first, remember that when you have already experienced rock bottom, no one can ever knock you down. Only the individuals who have experienced low act carefully when he/she is high. People who have always been high are willing to do anything, including oppress, to feel superior; however, they are truly the ones who are low. Do not let anyone control your mind and reach for the stars.

Stand Up, Be Confident, And Move